Inspirational Design Sites
August 12 posted by: admin

If you are on the prowl for great, inspirational graphic design sites, then you came to the right place.  It can be daunting to find graphic design sites that get your mind churning to create something new and original.  That’s why this list is broken down for some of the better websites to learn tutorials and become inspired to come up with something new.

  • Spoon graphics is a good resource to generate ideas on cute, boutique type banners and text.  They break down the process for making eye-catching text effects.
  •  Effective Monochromatic Business Card We’ve seen creative ways to make business cards but this site takes it to a whole new level and has created new styles and template business cards for designers.
  • Graphic Design Hub this resource is a one stop shop for a variety of graphic designs and methods.  It brings many different designers to one website to showcase their work.  It’s a great place to sift through a variety of graphic designs.
  • 12 Paradoxes of Graphic Design.  This page is inspired with geometric shapes coupled with clever quotes about the graphic on display.  This is a great start for creating effective logos with embedded design.
  • The Graphic Design Blog is an information blog catered to graphic designers.  It’s basically a good news blog for designers to learn about new trends, and to adopt new methods of graphic design.  Photo manipulation is valuable to any graphic artist or designer and their tutorials on this topic are very well orchestrated.