Cocoa Almond Body Butter
September 5 posted by: admin

Things You’ll Need: 2tsp grapeseed oil 5 tbsp almond oil 2 tsp avocado oil 2 cups cocoa butter oil 1 tsp jamaican black castor oil 2 tbsp shea butter 2 tbsp unrefined olive oil 1 tbsp coconut oil Step 1. Fill a shallow pot with water and then place a …

On Vacation
July 19 posted by: admin

Hi all, I will be on vacation for the next month, but I will do my best to drop a post or two during that time. For my next post I’m thinking about making almond body butter(who doesn’t like body butter?).

Sticky Spiced Chocolate Bar
June 17 posted by: admin

In case you haven’t noticed, I must admit, I do have a thing for chocolate. So here’s my sticky spiced dark and white chocolate bar recipe! Things You’ll Need: 1/8 cup raw cocoa powder Pinch of sea salt 1/2 cup food grade cocoa butter melted 4 tbsp honey 1/4 tsp …